Mischungs- und Verbrennungssimulation in Über- und Unterschallbrennkammern

Computational Fluid Dynamics

DLR Stuttgart
Institut für Verbrennungstechnik

Scramjet engines (supersonic combustion ramjets) belong to the most promising propulsion concepts for hypersonic flight. The Institute of Combustion Technologies (DLR Stuttgart) is a member of the Collaborative Research Center (SFB 259) at the University of Stuttgart. Within this program two and numerical codes are developed for the simulation of supersonic com-bustion chambers. Due to the necessity to deal with detailed chemistry, a large set of governing equations has to be solved (in our case the continuity, momentum, energy, 2 turbulence, 2 pdf an an arbitrary number of species equations). An implicit finitite volume LU-SGS method is employed for time integration. Besides practical applications the project deals with the development of highly efficient numerical solvers. Multigrid techniques are used and have been developed for convergence acceleration. Due to the unvafourable conditions in reacting high speed flows modification have to be introduced during restriction and prolongation to enable convergence. A second field of in