Lattice Boltzmann Simulations of liquid crystals, sheared fluid systems and microfluids

Computational Fluid Dynamics

Universität Stuttgart
Institut für Computerphysik

With this proposal we apply for CPU time on the HLRS NEC SX8 machine inorder to use our lattice Boltzmann code LB3D to simulate liquid crystals,sheared binary fluid mixtures and microfluidic systems.Liquid crystals: we are interested in the formation of the gyroidmesophase and the development and influence of defects in these phases.Sheared fluid mixtures: Sheared fluid mixtures have many industrialapplications and are still not fully understood. We plan to simulatebinary and ternary mixtures in order to reproduce structuring effects,shear thinning and other rheological effects.Microfluids: in very small channels, the no slip boundary condition is notvalid anymore, but a so call wall slip occurs. We are planning to developnew boundary conditions for our method and to study their applicability.LB3D has been successfully ported and tested to the SX8 already.