Spinodal decomposition kinetics of colloid-polymer mixtures including hydrodynamic interactions

Solid State Physics

Universität Mainz
Institut für Physik

The computation of the interfacial tension in condensed matter systems is still an outstanding challenge. The sampling of the physical effects of interfaces requires huge computational efforts on supercomputers, since the interfacial tension is not a straightforward output variable of a simulation. The aim of this project is to compute interfacial tensions for solid-liquid interfaces by applying a new simulation method combined with a recent finite-size scaling approach. The precise knowledge of the interfacial tension is not only important within this project but has a wide interest in the scientific community and allows to test the classical nucleation theory (CNT) for crystalline nuclei. This is a topic with a broad range of applications like formation of ice crystals in the atmosphere or crystallization in industrial applications and technical processes. The continuation of the project with the focus on interfacial phenomena and crystallization in colloid-polymer mixtures is promising and will greatly enhance our knowledge about nucleation phenomena. Besides gaining more knowledge in the equilibrium state of this system we also look at states far from equilibrium by introducing active particles in our model. Recent developments indicate that systems far from equilibrium can effectively be mapped onto equilibrium models.