Objektorientierte Parallelisierung, Folgeantrag SFB382/C6

Computer Science

Universität Tübingen
Technische Informatik

A major goal of the Sonderforschungsbereich 382 is thedevelopment of different particle methods for solvingphysical problems. Our recent work concentrated onobject-oriented physical codes and runtime systems.The experiences made with these codes led to a parallelruntime system, based on an object-orientedmessage passing system.Based on this work we developped an object-orientedversion of SPH (Smoothed ParticleHydrodynamics) simulation codes and an object-orientedprototype of a QMC simulation.Our goal is to provide a well documented and maintainedlibrary of reusable and extensible solutions forastrophysical simulation methods. This also should givea guideline on how to use object-oriented techniquesfor our simulation methods. For experimental runs, performancemessurements (parallel efficiency, speedup) and to provethe portability of our libraries the access to severalparallel machines with different parallel architecturesis crucial.