Laser Ablation of Solids by Molecular Dynamics

Solid State Physics

Universität Stuttgart
Institut für Theoretische und Angewandte Physik (ITAP)

We study the laser ablation by molecular dynamics. Femto-secondlaser pulses interact with the electron gas in the material. The energy istransmitted to the lattice which heats up the material and leads to theexpulsion of atoms or liquid drops depending on the initial conditions. Aspeciality of our simulations is the two-temperature model: the electrons aremodelled as a continuum which is coupled to the molecular dynamics simulationof the atoms.The major goal of the proposed project, which is embedded inthe SFB 716 "`Dynamische Simulation von Systemen mit großen Teilchenzahlen"',is to scale up the simulations as far as possible and to reach sample sizethat are larger than the tiniest laser spots studied in experiment.Further more plan research along several directions: simulating alloys, metalscovered with liquid, modeling the shape and time evolution of the laser beam,and testing the behavior of pre-damaged samples. A major part of the SFB 716proposal is to extend the current model from metals to covalent materialswhich requires the modeling of a varying of charge carriers.