Laser Ablation of Solids by Molecular Dynamics

Solid State Physics

Universität Stuttgart
Institut für Theoretische und Angewandte Physik (ITAP)

We study laser ablation by molecular dynamics simulations. Very shortlaser pulses interact with the charge carriers in the material. The laserenergy is transmitted to the lattice which heats up and leads to the expulsionof atoms or liquid drops. A speciality of our simulations is thetwo-temperature model: the charge carriers are modelled as a continuum whichis coupled to the molecular dynamics simulation of the atoms. In covalentmaterials the charge carriers have to be generated first which means that thecreation and annihilation processes have to be modelled as well. The excitationof the charge carriers modifies the bonding character of the materialwhich requires the development and fitting of new atomistic interactions. The major goal of the proposed project, which is embedded inthe SFB 716 "`Dynamische Simulation von Systemen mit großen Teilchenzahlen"',is to scale up the simulations as far as possible and to reach sample sizeslarger than the finest laser spots studied in experiment. Beyond that we wantto study the properties of metals, alloys and covalet materials under theimpact of laser radiation.