Dynamical Evolution of Galactic Nuclei and Star Clusters


Universit├Ąt Heidelberg
Astronomisches Rechen-Institut

The main goals of this project are to examine by theoretical numericalmodelling the encounter and final merging (by gravitational radiation)of two or more massive black holes in galactic nuclei and to studytransport phenomena in gravothermal star clusters. Modern astrophysicaltheory of galaxy formation suggests that galaxies form by hierarchicalstructure formation via merging. If as observations show, most of themcontain massive black holes, the question arises what happens tothem. They may eventually come close enough to merge catastrophically bygravitational radiation emission and will be the strongest signal to beobserved by the planned LISA satellite. To study the physics of dense gravothermal star clusters is a necessary ingredient to understand the processes at work in numerical modelling of galactic nuclei.